Women arrested for breaching Sky Harbor Airport security

Police say two women are accused of felony charges after they breached security at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.

Phoenix Police say 52-year-old Pavlina Petrova and 28-year-old Bogdana Ries ignored several "do not enter" signs and tried to head to the terminals through the secured exit rather than through TSA security on Nov. 27.

According to court documents, the women told TSA agents "that they were late for their flight and were not going to wait in line at security."


Pavlina Petrova (left) and Bogdana Ries (MCSO)

An official breach of security was declared. Police arrived at the airport and arrested both women for felony trespassing.

"Neither of the subjects were apologetic or appeared to understand the serious nature of the situation," court documents read.

Both women were booked into jail and held on a $2,000 bond.