Wonderful 100 to take last walk at weekend AIDS Walk

PHOENIX (KSAZ) -- This Sunday, thousands will hit the streets in Phoenix to take part in the AIDS Walk, and it will be a bittersweet weekend for the top fundraising team.

After ten years, "Barbra Seville's Wonderful 100" is coming to an end.

It all started with an idea 10 years ago: 100 people raising $100 to fight HIV and help people living with AIDS. It's been an impressive run since then, with the team having raised nearly a quarter of a million dollars for HIV/AIDS.

"It just took on a life of it's own. So many people got excited. I was excited to watch it happen. I was excited when we hit $100,000," said Richard Stevens, also known as Barbra Seville. Stevens came up with the Wonderful 100 concept.

"We've come up with different ideas, different scams schemes," said Stevens. "Everything from T-Shirts to drag brunches to bake sales."

Throughout the years, others have pitched in to help, and there have been some surprises along the way.

"People just need to be asked," said Stevens. "Everybody wants to be involved, and everybody wants to be included, and as soon as you ask most people will step up and help you."

The Wonderful 100 may be coming to an end, but Stevens will continue on with Aunt Rita's Foundation, serving on the board. His hope is that someone will take note of the work his team has done over the years and will continue on with the mission.

"I mean, it's 10 years," said Stevens. "Countless hours, so many highs and lows. It feels right though. It's a little bittersweet, but it feels right. I'm really hoping someone will step up and say, 'hey, lets pick up where they left off.'"

The Wonderful 100 is hoping to raise $45,000 this year, and the overall goal for the walk is $300,000. The walk takes place at 10:00 a.m. Sunday, starting at the Phoenix City Hall.