YCSO VIP rescues dog tied to a semi truck traveling near Interstate 40

ASH FORK, Ariz. -- A Yavapai County Sheriff's Office Volunteer in Protection stepped in to save a dog that had been accidentally left chained to a semi truck's trailer bumper.

The incident was captured on VIP Steve Edgar's dash camera video while he was driving near Interstate 40.

Take a look at the video: As the truck was leaving the gas station, you can see the 19-week-old puppy attached to the big rig. The dog was running along side the semi truck, trying to keep up.

"Patrol VIPs act only as eyes and ears when they are in the field, but this exception to use lights and siren to save this dog from injury or death has been deemed warranted by YCSO Command Staff," stated officials.

According to YCSO, the driver says he simply got distracted while heading towards the interstate and forgot to unleash the dog. He's not facing any charges and his name was not released.

The puppy is okay.