YMCA kids drop new 'Tooth Fairy' track

For the last eight years, the Beats and Rhymes program at the North Community YMCA has helped hundreds of kids find their voices.

But the latest class has a new batch of songs, including one about a universal experience.

"Tooth Fairy" is new release from the program, which teaches kids how to write, produce and perform their own music.

Since they say write what you know, the kids rapped about their own experiences trading in their teeth for cold hard cash.

"People's teeth kept falling out and we just wanted to make a song about the tooth fairy,"said 10-year-old aspiring rapper Teiviontey Smith.

"We have at least one tooth that falls out in this building every single day. When you think about the ages from five to ten, you are losing your teeth pretty rapidly. And of course everybody knows the tooth fairy comes and leaves you a monetary gift under your pillow," said Beats and Rhymes co-founder Alicia Johnson.

In addition to the tooth fairy, the kids tackle other serious subjects with titles like "Birthday," "Piggy Bank" and "Pizza Party."

And even though they're not exactly long in the tooth, they're certainly wise beyond their years.

"Not to spoil the beans or nothing, but my mom already knows I know. I just play it off 'cause I got a little sister. So my mom just pays me five dollars, " said 10-year-old Keishaude Gilmer."I like performing too cause it's a fun experience for us. Especially because we're kids and we have a long life ahead of us."

The Beats and Rhymes program is looking at shooting a music video for "Tooth Fairy."

You can download all the songs on their album "K-5 Turnup" here for free.