Yoga for charity: Scottsdale studio offering free classes in exchange for donations

A Scottsdale yoga studio forced to close its doors because of the pandemic has reopened under new ownership - and the first thing they're doing is giving back.

Hot Yoga University (HYU) is offering free charity classes for the community. 

Throughout the holiday season, every breath, every pose, every meditation during this special charity class has and will make a big difference. Anyone interested in giving back can donate money in exchange for a free class.

"I feel like right now times are tough for so many people, we have the platform to be able to this," said one person with Hot Yoga University. "We see a lot of people walk through the doors every single day, and chances are a lot of those people are going to feel the same way we do."

HYU has already donated to the Mayday Pitbull Rescue and Rehabilitation, as well as Arizona Friends of Homeless.

New and longtime students say it is part of their practice to be selfless. The next charity class is intended to benefit the Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children.

"We have 30 families that were adopted last year, and this year we hope to get 36," said a spokesperson from the foundation.

Those families have a child battling cancer. The foundation provides assistance with everything from basic everyday needs to toys for the kids.

"Especially with how 2020 has been, we're really trying to reach out to our families and make sure that they are felt and heard right now," said the spokesperson.

There is no minimum required to give - as long as it comes from the heart.

"We get to come together as a community, there's nothing better than that."

The owners say this is something they will likely continue doing even once the holiday season is over.

Their next class is being held Dec. 19 at 3 PM.

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