Young girls take part in film-making camp, shoot own short film

When it comes to creativity, Shanice Malakai believes young women should have a voice.

A producer and director, Malakia created "Made In Her Image," the first filmmakers camp in the Valley for young women of color.

"We want to change the social norm when it comes to media and filmmaking in our community," she said. "When we start young, we plant a seed, so it's really about showing them now that they can be empowered and showing them now that they do have a voice."

She says men are not getting the same opportunities as women in the film industry, especially women of color, and with this workshop, she hopes to spark a change with one-on-one lessons in screenwriting, photography, editorial, and creative producing.

Campers are being mentored by volunteer professionals in the industry. The girls say they are inspired by what it takes to be a modern-day film maker.

"I love this because I was raised in it, it's sort of the thing that makes me, me," Micah Akers said.

Shanice says she hopes "Made In Her Image" could be the opportunity these young girls need to cultivate the next generation of film makers, as young women of color.

"Being able to give back to my community and being able to really create a space where not only do we have a diverse, but it's just a really about making a movement of empowerment," she said.