Eagles fans tie the knot with a tailgate wedding

Die-hard Eagles fans take their wedding to a new level on a cloudy, windy and cold game day in south Philadelphia.

"We play through all kinds of weather conditions," said Frank Renna.

The Philadelphia Eagles were set to kick off at 1 p.m. against the Carolina Panthers. But, before that, Eagles super fans Brandi Kern and Frank Renna of Bethlehem were ready for their own game day play-by-play in Lot M outside the Linc. Plans were drafted by Brandi herself and executed with the help of Frank. There was even an assist from the Eagles pep band.

"I figured if everything goes wrong, you're still at an Eagles game. So, it can't be a bad wedding," Renna explained.

Instead of a dress, the bride wore a white jersey and instead of flowers, she danced through the parking lot with a football. Instead of a priest in a church, there was a minister dressed as a referee, with Philly's sports complexes serving as the backdrop. As always in South Philadelphia, there was passion, love and raw emotion.

Friends, family and fans they've never met, gathered to cheer the couple on as they vowed to tackle marriage as committed teammates for life.

"This is absolutely the most unique wedding I've ever done," said Officiant Joe Sheridan, with the Philly Wedding Company.

"When he told me what he was planning, I couldn't believe it. It came out beautiful," said Glenn Chookolingo.

"I pronounce you husband and wife," said Sheridan.

A call in the end zone that made the crowd and the birds pep band go wild.

"It was so much more emotional than I thought it would be with the wind and family and random strangers. I'm so happy," said new bride Brandi Kern Renna.

A game day win unlike any other.