Ex-NFL player arrested in Gilbert following standoff with police

An ex-NFL player was arrested in Gilbert following a standoff with police.

Gilbert police tell Fox 10 that 30-year-old Davone Bess, who played for the Miami Dolphins and Cleveland Browns, fled from police following a traffic stop and barricaded himself inside his home.

Police say Bess was driving without headlights and was pulled over by an officer near San Tan Village Parkway and Williams Field. When the officer approached the vehicle, Bess allegedly pointed his finger and "simulated his hand as a gun."

Bess then left the scene in his vehicle and drove to his home and began waving a knife at police. He then ignored officers and entered his home.

After a brief standoff, police obtained a search warrant and SWAT team officers entered the home and took Bess into custody.

Bess had several off-the-field problems during his NFL career, including a 2014 arrest in Florida for allegedly assaulting a police officer.

Bess has been charged with felony flight from lawn enforcement, endangerment and failure to stop and obey a police command.