Get ready Birdgang! Cardinals tickets go on sale Saturday morning

The field is ready to be rolled into University of Phoenix Stadium for the first regular season game in September and starting tomorrow, you'll be able to buy your seat to that matchup and all the others, but they're expected to go quickly.

To get tickets, you'll have to log onto and only local fans will be able to buy in the first two hours. Everyone with an Arizona zip code can go online and get their tickets starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow morning.

Everyone else will be able to go online and buy tickets at noon.

Right now, University of Phoenix Stadium is filled with vendors for the home and garden show happening this weekend, but even without the turf, Cardinals spirit is alive and well.

"We got some great picks out of the draft and I'm excited about the 2017 season," Don Carpenter said.

Some fans believe many have circled one particular game on the schedule.

"Everyone wants the Monday Night Football game against the Cowboys," John Bavlik said. "I think that's a huge sell. It's a great team, they're having an up year, so I think it's going to be a fantastic matchup."

Seats for that first game are available, but they're in high demand. You'll only be able to get four tickets to that matchup, the Christmas Eve game against the Giants and the November 9 game against Seattle, which even their fans know we're going to win.

"I don't think that the Seahawks have that good of a chance," said Samantha Zellmer, a Seahawks fan.

Tickets go one sale on tomorrow morning, and on Monday you'll be able to buy tickets here at the University of Phoenix Stadium or the practice field in Tempe.