Military father surprises daughter at local baseball game

It was a Mother's Day dream come true for one local family. After nearly a year of being separated, they were reunited at a Kannapolis Intimidators game on Sunday.

For 7 year old Gizelle Eady, Sunday was just your ordinary baseball game. That is until she prepared to throw out the first pitch at the Kannapolis Intimidators game.

"Her family is here, except her dad who is overseas in Kuwait," said the stadium announcer.

To the surprise of everyone, the man disguised behind home plate was Gizelle's dad.

"I didn't know it was him, but when I threw it he walked to me and he took it off and I made the nicest face and I gave him a hug," said Gizelle.

For the first time in 10 months Captain Gerald Eady of the U.S. Army was home.

"One day seems like minutes instead of hours," said Captain Eady.

"I wanted to see my dad and I haven't seen him a while and I wanted to see him," said Gizelle.

It was a reunion that came just in time. Gizelle celebrated her 7th birthday on Friday.

"I was very happy for my daughter, one of her biggest birthday wishes was to have her dad back," said Claudette Eady.

It was a wish that Claudette also wanted to come true. The family was together once again on two very important days.

"It's the best mothers day gift and anniversary any wife or mom or military spouse can ask for," said Claudette.

One our nation's heroes, making a dream come true, but it wasn't easy.

"There was a chance we weren't going to make it here based on our mission and when we were given the OK to leave country I knew I had to make this happen," said Captain Eady.

With dad back where he belongs for only a month, the list of things to do is already growing.

"Play with him and give him lots of hugs to make him silly," said Gizelle.

"The next 30 days, lots of camping, fishing and play dates," said Captain Eady.

Captain Eady was a former minor league baseball player before he enlisted in the military. When asked how he thought his daughters first pitch was, he said he was quite impressed.