Newsmaker: Arizona candidates final push to Election Day

In this episode of John Hook's Newsmaker, we're taking a look at the election climate in regard to voting and how political parties have, in a way, shifted since the last midterm election in Arizona as we're just days from Election Day on Nov. 8. We speak with Chuck Coughlin, a long-time political consultant, and Stan Barnes, President of Copper State Communications, a lobbying firm. John, Chuck and Stan talk about the neck-and-neck races for top positions of power and Marc Victor dropping out of the Senate race. Victor joins us, as well, to talk about why he dropped out of the highly contentious race against U.S. Senator Mark Kelly and GOP hopeful Blake Masters.

Newsmaker: Blake Masters and Mark Kelly race to the Senate

In a highly contended race, Blake Masters and Democratic incumbent Mark Kelly are vying for a seat in the U.S. Senate to represent Arizona. We're hearing from both candidates as the polls show Trump-endorsed Masters and Kelly neck and neck. In the second part of this episode, Matt Towery, chairman and founder of InsiderAdvantage, talks with John Hook. His company is exclusively doing the polling for FOX 10 this election cycle.

Newsmaker: Abraham Hamadeh and Kris Mayes battle for Arizona AG seat

In this episode of John Hook's Newsmaker Saturday, we're talking with Arizona Attorney General hopefuls Abraham Hamadeh and Kris Mayes. The Republican and Democrat candidates cover issues regarding abortion, gun rights, border issues, the fentanyl crisis. Part 1: GOP candidate Hamadeh details why his military and legal experience makes him the best fit for the role. He says he knows how to deal with foreign governments as well as domestic entities, like the DOJ and such. Part 2: Mayes, a former Republican turned Democrat, says she has fought for consumers throughout her career at the Arizona Corporation Commission and protected consumers from big monopolies. She says the state's constitution itself protects a woman's right to privacy, and she says that includes a right to choose to have an abortion. She says, if elected, she will reverse the current AG's opinion for a near-total abortion ban, which was based on a legal matter in the late 1800s.

Newsmaker: The race to become Maricopa County Attorney

In this episode of Newsmaker Saturday, interim Maricopa County Attorney Rachael Mitchell and attorney Julie Gunnigle are talking with John Hook about how they'd lead the county as top lawyers, and this includes how everchanging statewide abortion laws will be enforced. Part 1: John Hook chats with interim Maricopa County Attorney Rachael Mitchell as she takes on Democrat Julie Gunnigle for the spot as the county's top prosecutor in the Nov. 8 election. Part 2: Julie Gunnigle gives her take on what she'd like to see in Maricopa County if she's elected as Maricopa County Attorney.

Newsmaker: Kathy Hoffman, Tom Horne

With the midterm election just weeks away, who will lead the state's public school system? The battle for one of Arizona's most important jobs is the topic of this week's Newsmaker Saturday. FOX 10's John Hook is talking to Superintendent of Public Instruction candidates Kathy Hoffman and Tom Horne.

Newsmaker: Paul Bender and Rob Schneider

Part 1: FOX 10's John Hook talks to Arizona State University Constitutional Law Professor Paul Bender about which abortion law prevails in our state. Part 2: From four seasons on Saturday Night Live to appearing in over 60 films, actor Rob Schneider talks to John about why he moved to Arizona and his latest movie, "Daddy Daughter Trip."

Newsmaker: ASU officials speak on Arizona drought conditions, Artemis I space mission

Part 1: Sarah Porter, director of the Kyl Center for Water Policy at Arizona State University, speaks on the dwindling Colorado River, which is a crucial source of water in the Southwest, feeding Lake Powell and Lake Mead and supplying water to 40 million people across seven states and Mexico. Part 2: Craig Hardgrove, an assistant professor at ASU's School of Earth and Space Exploration, has an invested interest in the Artemis I mission, as his team has some cargo on board, including satellites that will be deployed during the journey to the Moon.

Newsmaker: FOX 10's Meteorologist breaks down Arizona's busy monsoon season

Part 1: FOX 10's Christina Carilla sits down with meteorologist Krystal Ortiz to talk about Arizona's busy monsoon season, and she breaks down all we need to know about the weather we see. Part 2: We explore Arizona's extreme drought issues and the news of the state, along with other western states, getting less water allotments in the future from the Colorado River.

Newsmaker: FBI raids Trump's Florida home; 'Remain in Mexico' policy ends

Part 1: For the first time in our history, the FBI raided the home of a former president. Sources say it is tied to an investigation into Donald Trump's removal of classified and top secret documents from the White House. John Hook talks to Paul Charlton, a former U.S. attorney for Arizona about what does it all mean, where is it headed, and was the FBI search absolutely necessary? Part 2: Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council talks to John about what ending the 'Remain in Mexico' policy means for agents.

Newsmaker: Arizona Primary Election key takeaways

This week on Newsmaker Saturday, "too close to call" was heard repeatedly, as votes were counted in the Arizona primary election. But what went right and what went wrong for the candidates? And what's their best move going forward? State political experts join John Hook to discuss the winners and their paths to victory this November.

Newsmaker: SRP, Charles Lipson

In this episode of John Hook's Newsmaker Saturday, we talk with Chuck Podolak, the Director of Water Rights and Contracts at SRP, and Charles H. Lipson, an American political scientist.

Newsmaker Saturday: Matt Salmon; Tiffany Davila

Part 1: FOX 10's John Hook talks to Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Matt Salmon about the upcoming election. Part 2: Tiffany Davila of the Arizona State Department of Forestry and Fire Management talks to John about wildfire prevention, current restrictions, and safety.