Newsmaker Saturday: Will Humble

We're talking to Will Humble, the Executive Director for the Arizona Public Health Association about the coronavirus and how the state is dealing with the pandemic.

Newsmaker Saturday: Darlene Newsom, Lisa Glow

We're talking about the homeless crisis in Arizona with Darlene Newsom, CEO of UMOM and an expert on the issue of families experiencing homelessness, along with Lisa Glow of CASS, Central Arizona Shelter Services, which is the largest and longest serving emergency homeless shelter in the state.

Newsmaker Saturday: Doug Ducey

FOX 10's John Hook talks to Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey about sanctuary cities, the economy, prisons, taxes, mental health and the upcoming 2020 election.

Newsmaker Saturday: Jaime Molera; Brian Foster

Part 1: John Hook talks to political consultant Jaime Molera about the Trump campaign, Democratic debates, the Invest in Education Act and the upcoming 2020 election. Part 2: Kari Lakes talks to attorney Brian Foster about the Jodi Arias murder case where the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, was recently put on administrative leave at the Maricopa Co. Attorney's Office.

Newsmaker Saturday: Stan Barnes, Erika Flores, Scott Jarrett

Part 1: FOX 10's Kari Lake talks to Stan Barnes of Copperstate Consulting about the State of the Union speech, the Iowa caucus and the Trump impeachment trial. Part 2: Scott Jarrett, Director of Election Day and Emergency Voting and Erika Flores, Deputy Director of Communications for the Maricopa County Elections Dept. discuss their preparations for Arizona's presidential preference election on March 17 and how it won't be using an app, unlike the Iowa caucus; voter registration deadlines and who can vote in the PPE.

Newsmaker Saturday: Debbie Lesko

Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko (District 8) talks about President Donald Trump's impeachment trial and her views on the process in Washington, D.C.

Newsmaker Saturday: Jeri Williams

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams discusses the decrease in officer-involved shootings, social media issues, the Dravon Ames case and the department getting mental and behavioral health training.

Newsmaker Saturday: Daniel McCarthy, Carlos Garcia

Part 1: Daniel McCarthy talks about his run against incumbent Senator Martha McSally in the 2020 election and the impeachment vote. Part 2: Carlos Garcia, President of the Arizona Correctional Peace Officers Association, talks about the problems at Arizona State Prison Complex – Lewis in Buckeye.

Newsmaker Saturday: Michelle Marin, Kalin Harding

Part 1: Michelle Marin, Director of Operations at the Better Business Bureau discusses the 12 scams of Christmas. Part 2: Kalin Harding, a Nurse Practitioner at Surprise Care talks about why the flu is quickly spreading and how you can prevent it.

Newsmaker Saturday: Debbie Lesko

Arizona Rep. Debbie Lesko (District 8) talks about the articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump and her views on the process in Washington, D.C.

Newsmaker Saturday: Robert Miguel, Fred DuVal

Part 1: Ak Chin Tribal Chairman Robert Miguel talks to John Hook about tribal sovereignty, tribal history, casinos, education, and other enterprises. Part 2: Arizona Board of Regents' Fred DuVal talks about vaping-related health issues.

Newsmaker Saturday: Mel and Cindy McDonald

Cindy McDonald talks about how they had to get medical marijuana for her son while her husband was the US Attorney for Arizona. Cindy also shares her family's story in the new book, 'The Least Likely Criminal.'

Newsmaker Saturday: Mark Kelly

FOX 10's John Hook talks to U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly about the recent killing of ISIS leader Al Baghdadi; his campaign against incumbent Sen. Martha McSally; military service, NASA and the upcoming 2020 election.

Newsmaker Saturday: Michael Britt London

FOX 10's John Hook talks to Michael Britt London, President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association about the recent firings of three police officers by Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams.

Newsmaker Saturday: Ruben Gallego; Sal DiCiccio

Part 1: FOX 10's John Hook talks to Arizona Rep. Ruben Gallego about the Trump administration's change in Syria policy; Trump impeachment inquiry and the passing of Rep. Elijah Cummings. Part 2: Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio about raising the Uber and Lyft fees at Sky Harbor Airport; rideshare revenue and the light rail.

Newsmaker Saturday: Roy Villareal

FOX 10's John Hook talks to Tucson Sector Border Patrol Chief Roy Villareal about border security in Arizona and immigration enforcement under the Trump administration.

Newsmaker Saturday: John Shadegg, Matt Hoodie

Part 1: FOX 10's John Hook talks to former Arizona Congressman John Shadegg about the impeachment inquiry into President Trump. Part 2: John talks to Matt Hoodie about his amazing 100+ pound weight loss story.

Newsmaker Saturday: Sam Fox, David Gonzales

Part 1: FOX 10's John Hook talks to Tucson native and restaurateur Sam Fox about the recent sale of his boutique restaurants to the Cheesecake Factory and his latest development project in Phoenix. Part 2: US Marshal David Gonzales talks about how murder suspects Blane and Susan Barksdale were captured in Arizona two weeks after they escaped custody in Utah.