Fire crews battle brush fire near I-17 north of the Valley

ANTHEM, Ariz. (FOX 10) -- Besides battling a brush fire in Scottsdale, fire crews in the Valley also battled a fire that burned near the I-17 in Anthem.

"There was a big pop outside that I heard," said Kyla Brown. "My mom looked outside real quick, and the whole pole was on fire."

Kyla and her family didn't know what to do when the power pole next to their house exploded, but they knew it wasn't good.

"I didn't even realize what was happening because I just heard her screaming to go get my brother and wake up him and call 911, and I did that and I got out here and my brother got out here with fire extinguishers," said Kyla.

The dry brush in the area went up quick, and firefighters had to work even quicker. The Brown's house, other houses, and Anthem RV were all dangerously close to the fire.

"To the west, there was a large RV lot with RV storage and sales, and if it got in there, it would just continue growing and they'd lose all that property," said Brent Fenton with the Daisy Mountain Fire Department.

More than 30 acres were burned, but fortunately, there was no catastrophe.

"It's imperative that if you're living in these areas where we have brush up against the homes, that we have you make a defensive space," said Fenton. "We'd like to see 30 feet around ever home cleared of brush."