Shelter residents outraged over treatment at GRB Convention Center

More than 12 hundred people are still seeking shelter at the George R Brown convention center after they lost everything to flooding from Hurricane Harvey. But as time goes on, complaints about the Red Cross are circulating on social media about how evacuees are being treated and about where your donations are going.

There's been a mix of praise and criticism for the Red Cross response in the wake of hurricane Harvey. This video has gone viral on social media of a woman claiming these are donations that were thrown out by Red Cross volunteers.

The Red Cross has said they reached out to her to try to confirm the video's legitimacy and find out under what circumstances those things were thrown out. Meanwhile people staying in the shelter have complained of poor food offerings, lack of showers and being denied some donated items.

Houston council member Dave Martin had been very vocal telling people not to donate to the Red Cross because of what he's called a "lack of organization." On the Isiah Factor last night, he said since complaining to the organization that things have gotten better but he still recommends donating to local groups. He praised the volunteers though. On the topic of volunteers, NRG park is still in desperate need for volunteers. With more people going back to work and school starting, they've seen their numbers drop dramatically.