Valley couple returns home after being stranded in Caribbean due to Irma

Greg and Kandis May had a nice vacation planned.

"It was a strange situation to be in because we were on vacation and they were worried about the forecast," Greg said.

A law school graduation present for Kandis took the Phoenix couple on a cruise around the Caribbean all while Hurricane Irma was knocking on the door.

"It was strange the first day because at St. Thomas, it felt really strange, everyone was getting sandbags and on edge because Irma was on its way," Greg said.

Luckily, the cruise was fine, even while the islands were getting battered.

"We didn't end up going to St. Maarten because by then the hurricane had already passed by and really hit it hard," Greg said.

But getting home from the are was and still is the hard part. The May's went back to San Juan, Puerto Rico where the cruise departed from, but their flights to Florida were all canceled.

"All of our flights, most of the flights out of San Juan were either to Orlando or Ft. Lauderdale," Greg said. "Irma had worked its way up and we were kinda stranded."

Many other flights would have cost the couple thousands of dollars, but thanks to some persistence and help from Spirit Airlines, the couple finally found a flight to Baltimore earlier today.

"When we landed today, everyone started cheering because they were just so relieved that we finally got off the island," Greg said.