16-year-old shooting survivor held friend; 'she passed away in my arms'

There have been 10 killings in the last 14 days in the Charlotte area; the latest took the life of a 15-year-old girl.

Her 16-year-old friend told FOX 46 she was in the room when the shooting happened, and held the 15-year-old girl as she passed away.

She says the alleged shooter was a guy she met online, who seemingly became obsessed.

On 911 recordings, the survivor is heard frantically asking for help, "three people have been shot at my home," she told the dispatcher.

Police say 23-year-old John Bocek broke into her home, killing her friend, 15-year-old Jenna Hewitt, and the survivor's dad, 50-year-old Matthew Chaplin.

"Mr. Bocek was known to Mr. Chaplin's daughter. There was a relationship there," CMPD Major Cam Selvey told FOX 46.

The 16-year-old says she met Bocek through friends, and first started talking to him online.

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Major Selvey told reporters Monday, "I don't know if she had any idea of what his history is."

FOX 46 uncovered Bocek has three mug shots in the Mecklenburg County System. Charges range from assaulting a female, to communicating threats, to harassing and threatening phone calls to cyberstalking.

"When you talk about cyberstalking, especially when we look at the ages of some of our victims, that is something that's fairly common so I would say be careful of who you meet online be careful of how you establish those relationships," Major Selvey said.

The survivor says Bocek assaulted her in the past, and she cut off all communication, adding that's what upset him. A police report confirms that the assault took place in the 11400 block of Glenn Abbey Way on Feb. 20. The victim also said she was robbed.

Both the survivor and her girlfriend went to Ardrey Kell High School. The principal left a voicemail for students and parents Monday morning, "when tragedies like this happen I know everyone in our Ardrey Kell community will join together to support each other."

The double homicide Sunday morning marked the 9th and 10th murders in the last 14 days. CMPD reiterated the violence has to stop.

"Whatever the problem is, whatever the argument is, whatever the conflict is, there are other ways for us to handle our problems," Major Selvey said.

The suspect, Bocek, killed himself. Grief counselors are helping that 16-year-old survivor who lost her father and a friend over the weekend. She says she also lost her mom in 2016 from an illness.