2,800 Valley kids break world record for largest game of 'Freeze Tag'

The previous world record for the largest game of "Freeze Tag" was played with 1,300 people, but today, Phoenix broke that world record at Garfield Elementary!

"For these kids, it's just a really extraordinary thing, this is something they don't get to do every day," said Deanna Salazar of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona.

In just 15 minutes, more than 2,800 students filled up a football field, topping out a world record of the largest game of "Freeze Tag" ever played.

"We were here today to break the world record and we broke it," said Mike Nealy, executive director of the Fiesta Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl Charities teamed up with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona to make the record-breaking day possible.

"Football is a big part of our life, but giving back to the community is more than just a game," Nealy said. "Putting Phoenix on the map. Putting these kids on the map. Giving them something to be proud of and just really something that highlights not just the Fiesta Bowl, but our joint mission to actually do something great."

The deal is sealed as Guinness World Records officially named Phoenix the new world champion of the classic game of "Freeze Tag!"