A first look at Mattel Adventure Park's Hot Wheels roller coaster

We're getting a first look at one of the Hot Wheels roller coaster cars built for Mattel Adventure Park, which is slated to open in Glendale next year.

The park is set to open next year as a part of VAI Resort, a 60-acre property that also plans to include its own concert venue, a six-acre swimming pool and a manmade beach.

Two roller coasters are under construction at the site just south of State Farm Stadium: the "Hot Wheels Bone Shaker" and the "Hot Wheels Twin Mill Racer."

FOX 10 was able to get a look at one of the cars for the Bone Shaker ride at Mattel's secret warehouse. The car will climb to the top of the coaster, which is 85 feet high and will provide a view of the entire park.

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A roller coaster car for the Bone Shaker ride at Mattel Adventure Park, which is slated to open in 2024.

"We generally feel this will be the most sought after ride one of two roller coasters," said Mark Cornell, president of Mattel Adventure Park. "It comes out the top at 85 feet where it crests at the top of the lift hill, then traverses around the rooftop, a couple of scary moments…[it goes] into a double downward swirling helix."

There are no inversions on this family coaster, and the ride will load and unload visitors indoors. Kids will need to be 36 inches tall to ride the coaster with an adult and 42 inches tall if riding alone.

Mattel's secret warehouse contains around 20 other attractions stored inside, according to Cornell, but he didn't elaborate or showcase any of the other rides.

According to a news release published earlier this year, the park will include:

  • A Thomas the Tank Engine ride
  • Two Hot Wheels roller coasters
  • A Barbie Beach House, featuring a Dream Closet Experience and a rooftop where visitors can have pink drinks
  • A mini-golf course featuring Mattel games like UNO and Pictionary


Mattel Adventure Park to open as part of VAI Resort in Glendale

Construction for the VAI Resort in Glendale, a city located west of Phoenix, is well underway, and one of the features for the resort is a first-of-its-kind amusement park for the world.

Cornell says hundreds of staff are working at the resort and theme park to get closer to an opening date, and more updates are coming.

"We've hired some attraction development people from around the world that are probably the best at what they do on the planet, and these rides are just ready to go," said Cornell. "We're just waiting for construction to advance a little bit more in the coming months, we'll have a more refined end date."

Mattel Adventure Park is slated to be open 365 days a year. Construction is expected to be complete by late 2024.