'Alice Scooper': Here are the winners for ADOT's snowplow naming contest

The Arizona Dept. of Transportation has 200 snowplows that are ready to go when snow falls along the highways - and now three of them will have a new name.

Nearly 4,700 names were submitted in ADOT's Name-A-Snowplow contest. After 15 finalists were chosen and 7,000 votes were sent in, the following names have been selected as winners:

  • Alice Scooper
  • Snowguaro
  • Frost Responder

Alice Scooper will be stationed in Flagstaff, Snowguaro can be found in Superior, and Frost Responder will be roaming the highways near Page.

"We’re thrilled that so many Arizonans embraced the challenge to come up with great names for our snowplows," ADOT Director John Halikowski said in a statement. "Naming the snowplows humanizes the huge effort our drivers and their plows undertake each winter. We want to keep them and you safe. Parts of our state have already received dustings of snow, and it won’t be long before these vital vehicles are put to use, clearing highways and making travel safer for everyone."

Even rockstar Alice Cooper had some grateful comments on the name:

Revealed! ADOT’s Name-A-Snowplow contest finalists

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