Arizona monsoon rains bring out scorpions: How to prevent, treat stings

The monsoon rains are bringing out all kinds of critters - and that includes scorpions.

Residents can take the following steps to avoid getting stung if they know scorpions are lurking in their area:

  • Call local pest control
  • Examine any potential entry points for the critters
  • Put beds and cribs away from the wall with nothing touching the floor - the feet of the bed/crib can be placed in mason jars, since scorpions can't climb glass surfaces.
  • Wear long sleeves, pants and protective footwear when outside - shake out shoes before putting them on

People who get stung will likely experience plenty of pain, but they are generally not deadly.

Doctors say the pain can be treated with medicine like aspirin or Advil, but officials say most symptoms will go away within 48 hours.

Children under the age of 6 could face more severe symptoms, so check with a doctor if their symptoms aren't improving or seem to be getting worse.

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