Arizona troopers ramping up patrols amid Super Bowl, Phoenix Open traffic

The Super Bowl traffic can be felt in Phoenix streets and highways.

"Everywhere around town, it’s just a lot more people, a lot more traffic, so it’s just harder to get around and commute a little bit," said Valley drive Noe Molina.

Some have adjusted their schedule to an intensified rush hour.

"If I have to go do stuff, usually do it early in the morning or kind of later at night," said driver Caleb Meyer.

With the Phoenix Open in Scottsdale, the Super Bowl Experience in downtown Phoenix, the big game in Glendale and all the parties across the Valley, there's plenty of ways to get stuck in traffic this weekend.

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"We’re going to have this moving as efficiently as possible," said Sgt. Gerald Baker with the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety.

Baker leads the West Valley squad for District 14. He's on the road all day long, and on Super Bowl Sunday, troopers from all over the state will be teaming up to keep drivers safe and traffic moving.

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It's an all hands on deck approach, especially surrounding State Farm Stadium.

"Probably the hot spots out in the west Valley are going to be the I-10 junction at State Route 101 leading all the way into the stadium, and then also on the southbound side of State Route 101, probably anticipate around Peoria Avenue or so for traffic," Baker said.

It's already been a busy week on the interstate, and Baker says he's already seen 10 to 15 crashes in a 90-minute timespan.

"We’ve noticed yesterday morning in particular, there was a higher volume of crashes," Baker said. "The day before, also a higher volume of traffic in crashes."

In a poll posted to the FOX 10 Twitter account, 84% of users said they'll avoid driving and stay home this weekend. 16% say they'll be going out.

"There’s no point in getting mad about it," said Noe Molina. "It is what it is."


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