As COVID-19 pandemic continues, Alhambra School District lays out unique plan for next school year

As COVID-19 continues to spread, officials with the Alhambra Elementary School District has one idea that's probably different than most, in terms of bringing students back to class next school year.

The school district, which teaches students in K-8, covers parts of Phoenix and Glendale.

Their idea is the so-called two-one-two plan, meaning students will have an off-day, so that classrooms can be sanitized.

"About a month ago, our Governing Board approved the two-one-two, which is an amended the school calendar of 144 schools versus the 180 days, and it is the purpose of allowing mid-day cleaning of our schools so that students don't report to our campus without them being thoroughly cleaned," said Raul Ruiz, Director of Next Generation Learning at Alhambra School District.

Students will come to school Monday and Tuesday, have Wednesday off, and then return to class on Thursday and Friday.

"This calendar is intended to support the safety of our students by providing the most sanitized environments possible, and continue learning on-site of schools," said Ruiz.

While Wednesday is sanitation day, students are still expected to engage in learning, with the district providing tablets and making sure they have internet connection at their homes.

"I don't want to characterize it as online learning, but I do want to say that we are working meticulously to identify a plan for students to remain engaged with meaningful course work," said Ruiz.

There will be a "traffic light' protocol for mask-wearing and implementation of social distancing measures, with students not required to wear masks during a green-light day. On yellow-light and red-light days, masks will have to be worn, and social distancing measures will be implemented.

School district officials say they are still in the process of working out the logistics on how to implement the plan.