ASU iD Tech Camps help young kids and teens learn about technology

It's about that time of summer when kids start complaining that they're bored, but aren't ready to head back to school.

This summer, Arizona State University is offering tech camps where kids can learn high-tech skills through hands-on training.

It's a summer camp for the STEM generation.

"We're making video games, and robots, and electronics, and apps, and a lot of things that are fun," said Kate Shriki.

Kids were taking a break from their video games, learning instead how to make them.

"I'm really interested in teaching design, web design, tech design, game design, in general," said Hayden Myler.

13-year-old Hayden Myler is a camp veteran, it's his second summer attending an ID tech camp at ASU.

"Normally I didn't think I would be doing this at such a young age, but I am and it's really enjoyable," said Myler.

The camp is open to kids between the ages of 7-17. They learn coding, app creation, video game design, and robotics.

"We're looking at about a million jobs in the STEM program that will be available by 2020, so in order to fill that need we're going to be having these students here fuel that generation," said Niko Arranz.

These are classes where kids can start learning the skills today, for the jobs of tomorrow.

"My dad says that it's a very good start to get an education in this in the future, and it's also very, very fun," said Kate Shriki.

Kids have the option to attend camp during the day or they can make it an overnight experience. There is still time to register, for more information visit: