Attempted murder suspect in botched Vegas robbery arrested in Mesa

Authorities say a 28-year-old man is in custody in an Arizona jail after being sought in Las Vegas, where video showed an apparent attempt to shoot a fleeing man during a botched robbery outside a suburban home.

Las Vegas police on Monday identified Armondo Dangerfield as the would-be robber whose gun jammed in the July 24 incident in suburban Summerlin and said he was arrested Sunday in Mesa, Arizona.

Maricopa County jail records showed Dangerfield was booked Monday on suspicion of multiple crimes including robbery, assault, kidnapping, fraud, weapon possession and a probation violation.

Police said Dangerfield is expected to be transferred in custody from Phoenix to Las Vegas to face charges in the Summerlin incident.

Las Vegas police last week released home security video of the daylight confrontation. It showed a man in a pink shirt and white pants run from the garage of a single-story stucco home across a street to another home, chased by an alleged robber who struggles to try to fire a handgun toward him and then runs away.

Video also showed a dark-colored sedan with dark windows leave the area.

Armondo Dangerfield

Armondo Dangerfield (Maricopa County Sheriff's Office)

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