Autonomous robot providing extra set of eyes at Phoenix's Park Central

This may look like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it’s not. Rather, it is the new security robot at Park Central in phoenix.

The robot, named 'Parker,' roams around all day and night, providing another set of 'eyes' on the property.

"Parker works 24/7, and he is here at Park Central to help with security, to help create the sense of safe and security with all of our students, people who are working in our offices, our future residents," said Sharon Harper, Chairman and CEO of Plaza Companies.

Unlike his more famous friend RoboCop, Parker is strictly surveillance. The Knightscope K5 autonomous outdoor security robot went through two months of training, and has been out on his own for a little over a month, securing the area.

"He is in and out of Park Central. We go all the way from Central Avenue to 3rd [Avenue], almost to Osborn and almost to Thomas. It’s a big development. Parker is everywhere, and he doesn't miss a beat," said Harper.

Harper says Parker is 5'2" tall, and weighs close to 400 lbs. He roams around at a maximum speed of three miles per hour, and is filled with innovative technology.

"He is connected with a home base. He can take pictures of license plates. If he sees something inappropriate, he can connect right away on that, and our folks on site can step in and can help," said Harper.

Harper adds having Parker as part of the team brings a new level of security and connectivity to residents and tenants in the community.

"It really ties in with what I think the future is, in terms of business, office usage, restaurants, hotels, apartments," said Harper. "All of what will be Park Central when it's completed."

While Parker serves a serious purpose, he has been a fun addition to the area, as people have walked over to take pictures of him, or selfies with him.

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