AZ Secretary of State breaks silence to FOX 10

Just days before this week's special election a problem with voter pamphlets caused big news, and it led the Attorney General to say the Secretary of State broke the law. FOX 10 has been trying to speak with Michelle Reagan about this ever since, and now she is talking publicly for the first time about what happened.

The problem was that 400,000 voters did not get their information packets explaining Prop 123 and 124 before they got their early ballots. It's against Arizona law. The error was discovered on April 25, but not made public until May 11, just before the election.

Reagan says it was an honest technical error by a vendor, nothing intentional or malicious. So why did it take so long? Why did she refuse to answer any questions about what happened?

FOX 10's Troy Hayden sat down with Reagan and has this report.