'Beyond Day': Beyond Meat offers delicious deals at restaurants, supermarkets

Beyond Meat aims to change the protein game by providing a plant-based meat substitute that's almost identical to the real thing, and in a boon for customers, the company has designated May 3 "Beyond Day."

In celebration of "Beyond Day," the company is offering free Beyond Meat menu options with purchase at collaborating restaurants.

"On this day we acknowledge the hard work, the journey so far and the long road ahead," said Beyond Meat.

The popular plant-based protein is sold in over 33,000 grocery stores and restaurants nationwide.

The company contends that livestock processing contributes to 51 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, with 66 billion land animals being slaughtered every year for food. The massive consumption of animal-based meats is linked to a 16 percent increase in cancer risk, according to Beyond Meat.

Here's where and how to claim your free Beyond Meat menu item on May 3:

Carl's Jr - Buy a medium or large soft drink for a free Beyond Famous Star with cheese

Veggie grill - Buy a drink for a free VG Beyond Burger

Del Taco - Buy any menu item for a free beyond taco

Bareburger - Buy a drink and side for a free beyond burger

Epic Burger - Buy a drink and side for a free beyond burger

You can also get $3 off one item such as the Beyond Burger or Beyond Sausage at any supermarket that sells Beyond Meat products.