Businesses split on mask-wearing requirements amid COVID-19 Delta variant surge

As the Delta variant of COVID-19 continues to rise among people who have yet to be vaccinated, businesses are now mandating masks again, and one of those places is museums.

Phoenix Children's Museum to require masks

The mask mandate at Phoenix Children's Museum, which will require anyone ages two and up to mask up, will begin immediately to ensure the safety of children inside. CEO Kate Wells says they have been following CDC Guidelines since the beginning the Pandemic.

When the masks weren't mandated, they followed, but now, that has changed as the CDC is now recommending Americans to mask up once again.

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"More than half our visitors are between the ages of zero and ten, so it's exceptionally important to us to make sure that we're keeping the health and wellness of our youngest visitors in mind. So with these children not able to be vaccinated, we're very cognizant of making sure that we're making things as safe as we can," said Wells.

Some businesses will not require customers to wear masks

The Phoenix Children's Museum may require masks, but one business in Cave Creek says they are leaving that up to customers because up until now, it is not the law.

At Buffalo Chip Saloon, they are giving customers the choice to wear a mask.

"If it's not a law I'm, not going to exceed it," said owner Larry Wendts. "We have been through a lot with COVID, and it wasn't the illness, it's the side effects. The decrease in business, loss of staff, financially. I firmly believe that if people want to come in -- and we're predominantly [an] outdoor venue -- come on in, feel safe. We haven't had reported cases here."

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