Cardinals offensive line fuels up at Kolache Cafe

The Arizona Cardinals take on the Green Bay Packers Thursday night at State Farm Stadium.

The Cardinals are undefeated thus far – of course, it's because they're that good, but one Phoenix restaurant owner thinks the unique food some of the players are eating is helping them maintain their winning streak.

Joe Leal, owner of Kolache Cafe off of Ray Road and 44th Street in Ahwatukee, says several offensive linemen have been regulars at his cafe since the beginning of the season. Kolaches are a Czech pastry – a sweet pastry with dough on the outside and breakfast foods inside.

"These are big boys, the offensive line needs a lot of calories," said Leal. "Our kolaches do have a lot of calories."

Leal says the Cardinals typically order kolaches by the dozens with smoked sausage and cheese – he says that's their favorite. Leal says the Cardinals offensive line players have picked up food from his shop for the past couple of months, and they stopped by this week as well.

"Josh Jones messaged me… we had a good laugh," Leal said. "We think they're 7-0 because they're eating Kolaches every week."

Leal says the linemen like the smoked egg and sausage kolache the most, followed by the chorizo, egg and cheese. They also typically pick up cinnamon rolls, and as one can imagine, it takes quite a few kolaches to fuel up the offensive line.

"They order anywhere from 5 to 8 dozen, so I'm thinking these guys are putting down…five of these kolaches at a time," he said.

The Kolache Cafe just opened up in February and everyone is talking about how awesome our offensive line is this year compared to last.

Will the Cardinals be 8-0 after tonight's game?

Kickoff is set for 5:20 p.m. on FOX 10.

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