Chandler couple dies while swimming at Utah state park

A married Chandler couple has died in a drowning accident in Utah.

72-year-old David McMillan and his 59-year-old wife Catherine were visiting Deer Creek State Park southeast of Salt Lake City on June 20.

Park rangers say David and one of his children were swimming next to the family's pontoon boat and began having trouble staying afloat. His wife jumped in to help them, and all three went underwater.

A passerby and other park rescuers helped pull all three from the water. The couple were floating facedown in the water by the time help arrived.

"Both David and Catherine McMillan were transported to nearby hospitals, but were both pronounced dead shortly after," Utah park officials said. "The family member is expected to fully recover from her injuries."

None of them were wearing life jackets at the time, officials said.

"We would also like to remind those who are venturing into the outdoors to always stay on guard and to make safety a top priority," officials said. "Always remember to wear your life jacket and ensure children are wearing their life jackets."

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