Chandler Police Department hiring, offering bonuses to new recruits

The Chandler Police Department is looking to hire police officers, detention officers and dispatchers - all while offering a hiring incentive.

"We are looking to hire an upwards of 40 officers this year, said Sgt. Jason McClimans with Chandler Police.

Sergeant McClimans says more than a quarter of the department's officers are eligible for retirement, leaving them in need of new hires. To help with their search efforts, a hiring incentive was offered.

"It is $5,000 for laterals, $3,500 for new recruits, and $2,000 for detention officers and dispatchers," McClimans said. "That is split up between 6 months for the first 6 months, and then 6 months afterwards when you hit your probation."

McClimans says they've had a hard time finding qualified candidates, and the department is hoping the incentive will help.

"We’re basically competing for the qualified candidates," the sergeant said. "There’s upwards of 15 to 16 agencies and we're competing for that."

Officer Nick Wakin just recently graduated from the academy. He says recent debates regarding policing in America didn't dissuade his choice - one he's glad that he made.

"I wouldn’t say I was hesitant," Wakin said. "I think it drove me towards it more to [it]. Maybe I can make that change, maybe I can help and be the difference that they want to see within the community and the relationship with the police officers."

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