Closure of popular racetrack postponed, Arizona Speedway saved for now

It was expected to be the final weekend for a popular racetrack in the Valley.

Arizona Speedway and ET Motopark were slated to close down on April 3 after 20 years of thrilling race fans, but at the last minute, they got a second chance to race on.

It started out as a sad day for many fans here, but as it turns out, there may be at least a few more races left. 

A decade long tradition for many families who've enjoyed coming to the iconic speedway's races.

Rachel Carl and Rosalie Fox were in attendance on Saturday night.

"We are crushed. It's sad. I can't believe they're closing, it's like the end to a tradition."

"Every weekend, for as long as I can remember really.. semi grew up out here.


"My buddy's grandfather raced here.. ended here, my buddy started here, he's still racing here.. this whole area is a family," said an attendee.

Officials with the Arizona State Land Department told them to shut down because of the noise concerns along with development plans for the area. The last race was set for Saturday.

"It's not right. This guy Jonah took this track out from Manzanita.. where we gonna go for dirt track racing now," said another attendee.

But just when they thought they'd hit the end of the road, on its scheduled closing day, the racetrack owner got permission to stay open at least for the next few months.

Now their last scheduled race is set for November 30.