Puppy survives 100-foot fall down mine shaft in Mohave County

Crews in Mohave County rescued a dog after it fell into a mine shaft north of Bullhead City on June 19.

Shelby, a 1-year-old dog, had fallen into Katherine Mine and was in too deep for her owners to rescue her.

The Mohave County Sheriff's Office Animal Enforcement and Search and Rescue were called, and technical rescue teams were able to lower themselves 100 feet into the mine shaft to rescue Shelby.

Shelby's owner, Robert Badura, said he is more taken aback than Shelby is. Badura said he and his friend went to check out the Katherine Mine on Saturday. While they were taking photos and checking out the tunnels, Shelby, who usually stays put, ventured off.

"So we're just kind of looking around, then all of a sudden, I hear the thump," Badura said. "So I started going through every single corridor in the mine and trying to find out, you know, where the dog was."

For five hours, crews with the Mohave County Sheriff's Office Animal Enforcement and Search and Rescue Teams worked hard to get Shelby out, using technical gear to lift her back to safety. Badura is grateful Shelby only sustained a few bumps and bruises.

"Basically…just underneath her front leg, and then the back leg, it was just kind of like she must have run against something when she was falling…and slipping," Badura said. "Just a little sore the next day."

"Great job by everyone today and it was truly amazing that Shelby survived that fall," officials said. "Be safe out there!"

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