'Don't let it define you': President Biden's speech impediment resonates with many Americans

At 22 years old, Amanda Gorman is the youngest person to deliver the inaugural poem. She recited "The Hill We Climb" to millions watching all over the world, and of course, in front of America's 46th President, Joe Biden.

Gorman shares something in common with Biden, too. Both overcame a speech impediment.

Biden has openly talked about overcoming stuttering and his inauguration Wednesday gives hope to the thousands of people who struggle with the very same thing.

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"It is an amazing example of the level of success that one who stutters can achieve. It reinforces that stuttering isn't a barrier to the highest public office and it reinforces what a person who stutters can accomplish," says Kristine Short, who works with the National Stuttering Association. 

Her 19-year-old son Caden stutters, she says, and recalls a moment back in 2012 when he had the opportunity to meet Biden.

"They had a short conversation where Joe Biden and Caden talked about people who stutter and he reinforced his motto which is, 'Don’t let it define you. This is something you do, don’t let it define you,' and since then, Caden has identified with that," Short said.

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She wants people to know, "Because a person stutters, does not mean that there is some sort of intellectual defect or social defect. All it means is that this person stutters. They are just as smart, just as insightful, has just as much to say as you do and as I do."