'Down on his luck': Phoenix Police officers buy man shoes, new shirt

A man who was down on his luck received some help from two Phoenix Police officers.

The Phoenix Police Department released a video on March 8 showing two officers coming across a man who was sitting outside a bank with no shoes or socks.

"Two officers came across a man, down on his luck, with no socks or shoes on a cold January night," the department wrote in a Facebook post.

When the officers asked the man where his shoes were, he said he didn't have any because he wore a size 18 and most stores didn't carry shoes that size.

"You taking me to jail?" the man asked.

"No. I'm going to take you to Ross and buy you some shoes," the officer replied.

One officer called a nearby store to see if they had size 18 shoes in stock.

"I just called, and they have a pair of 17s and a pair of 19s, so it looks like you're getting a pair of 19s today," the officer said in the video.

The video then shows the officers in the store buying clothes for the man.

"Within 20 minutes, the officers spent $80 of their own money to get him a pair of shoes, socks, pants, and a new shirt," the department wrote on Facebook.

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