Flooding forces evacuations at Scottsdale condominium: 'Water gushing from the ceiling'

More than 80 residents inside a Scottsdale condominium have been evacuated due to flooding throughout the complex, fire crews said Thursday.

A sprinkler pipe burst in the attic at the building near 92nd Street and Thunderbird, according to David Folio with Scottsdale Fire.

A resident had reported hearing a loud sound on the top floor of the complex, and after opening the door to investigate, discovered water "gushing" from the ceiling.

"The guy opened his door, and had water gushing from the ceiling," said Folio.

At least six inches of water fell on the third floor, and three inches of water ended up on the first floor.

"We have water running down the walls and into the ceiling," he said. "What happens is that water will expand when it freezes and cracks the pipe. This seems like it actually blew a pipe apart, so it may not be freezing. We're trying to determine that right now."

The pipes have since been fixed, but the damage will take some time to clean up.

Firefighters are working with APS and other organizations to help relocate everyone affected.

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