Ducey announces childcare program for children of COVID-19 frontline workers

Governor Doug Ducey announced a new initiative on Friday that would provide childcare services for hospital workers and other personnel working on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak in Arizona.

The Arizona Enrichment Centers, starting April 6, will provide childcare for the children of first responders, critical healthcare workers and essential public sector employees.

Those who are eligible can find a child care provider by visiting the Arizona Enrichment Centers website to find a service near them for kids 12 and younger. Unlicensed community care providers are also available for teens 13 and older.

Frontline workers will also be able to register for priority child care and financial support here.

“Arizona is coming together to serve our frontline workers serving all of us,” said Governor Ducey in the statement. “Through support including child care assistance and financial resources, we can help alleviate some of the stress and concerns that families serving on the frontlines are facing."

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