Embry Health sees big increase in demand for rapid COVID-19 testing amid delta variant surge

The number of people looking to get rapid COVID-19 testing is dramatically increasing, as the virus' delta variant spreads across the country.

Embry Health CEO Raymond Embry says the number of COVID tests have surged along with the rise in COVID cases.

"Starting in early July, we started seeing a surge in demand for testing," said Embry. "Overall, we went from 1,000 patients a day to 15,000 patients a day, and of course, this is a very high increase in demand for rapid testing."

The increase in testing from 1,000 a day to 15,000 a day represents a 1,000% increase.

"We are extremely proud. We have not ran out of rapid test at any of our rapid testing sites. We have a warehouse over in Tolleson where we order them by the pallets, and we make sure we get them out to our test sites," said Embry.

This increase in testing is leading to Embry Health's expansion.

"We're currently operating over 80 sites across two states," said Embry. "We just expanded our Texas operations this past weekend, as well as the 12 new YMCA locations across the State of Arizona," said Embry.

Keeping students healthy is a big focus as well, as Embry Health is testing nearly 30,000 students a month.

"A student gets pulled out of the classroom for maybe exposure or something else like that, and a parent possibly wants that student tested as quickly as possible to get them back in the classroom," said Embry.

While Embry offers free tests, Rapid COVID tests will cost $100.

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