Fire-ravaged towns in Yavapai County brace for more monsoon rain

As Monsoon storms continue to batter Arizona, one of the hardest hit towns during the past couple months has been Mayer.

After the Goodwin Fire, the town is suffering from flooding from Monsoon rain, and all the recent rainfall has people back on edge. On Sunday, a storm had people in the area put on evacuation standby, once again.

Though raging Sunday afternoon, Big Bug Creek had calmed considerably, 24 hours later. Residents of Mayer and Spring Valley, however, aren't taking any chances. Gisela Van Puffelen lives near the creek, and on she is sandbagging her home.

"I don't even know where to start," said Van Puffelen. "I'm trying to rustle up some equipment, some crews to scrape all that out, and a dump truck to get rid of it and start landscaping again."

Van Puffelen and others can seek help a few miles away in Mayer, where several agencies have set up an individual assistance service center to help. Everything from housing assistance, food, water and clean-up.

"Right now, we're trying to get areas cleaned up, get people back to a sense of normal, bring help to bear so folks can get help they need," said Yavapai County Emergency Manager Denny Foulk.