Firefighters save kitten found in burning ash of fire at south Phoenix recycling plant

Phoenix Fire Capt. Danny Garcia says he was working behind the office building of Saguaro Steel when he heard a kitten meowing.

"We named him Phoenix because he was in the ashes," he said. "He rose from the ashes. I heard kind of a kitten purring, crying, meowing. It was pitch dark, so I started to look around with my flashlight. I found the kitten in a puddle – it’s pretty wet back there, a lot of puddles and there’s a lot of ash from the pallets burning."

Garcia brought the kitten back to his truck, worried it wouldn't survive.

"Gave him some oxygen. He’s been back there for a few hours, now he seems to be doing a lot better," he said. "Initially, we were really unsure what was gonna happen. He seems to be doing fine, really dirty, not hurt or injured that I can see."

Howard Grover works for Saguaro Steel He thinks the kitten was one of the strays he has seen on the property.

"As soon as quitting time rolls around, you'll see cats and squirrels," he said. "They all come rolling out, trying to get whatever food they can."

 The firefighters went back to look for more kittens, but according to Garcia, they didn’t find anymore.


Crews battle pallet fire in Phoenix

Crews are responding to a fire in Phoenix near 35th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road.

"Life and property is what we do," he said. "The way we look at it, I think most people are animal lovers. A pet is a part of the family, at least for me."

Once the firefighters left the scene, they took the kitten to the Arizona Humane Society to get it checked out.

Area where the fire broke out: