Full house at Peoria Unified board meeting after decision not to draft transgender bathroom policy

Parents showed up in force at the Peoria Unified School District board meeting to comment on the district's decision not to create a school bathroom policy.

Two weeks ago, the board voted against adopting a formal policy that would limit the use of bathrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex.

The policy was not at the agenda for the May 11 meeting, but the district anticipated a big crowd anyway by bringing in security and banning signs. 

Board members, students and community members spoke about the issue during the meeting.


Peoria Unified votes against drafting transgender bathroom policy

Peoria Unified was considering whether to adopt a formal policy that limits the use of bathrooms and locker rooms based on biological sex.

"I am deeply shocked and saddened with this district and the fellow board members in not adopting a policy regarding bathrooms, especially with so many girls and parents who have been very upset with the situation," said one attendee.

"I support the board members' previous decision to keep in place the no bathroom policy because if we want to protect Peoria Unified School District's girls, then we need to primarily protect the trans girls first because they're the ones most at risk of sexual assault," said another attendee.

The Arizona State Senate passed a bill that would provide alternative restrooms and dressing areas to transgender students in schools.

It also allows the state to take action against schools for allowing use of facilities opposite of their sex at birth. 

That bill is now awaiting action in the House.