Gateway Community College offering courses aimed at marijuana industry careers

Now that Proposition 207 has been approved by Arizona voters, Gateway Community College is rolling out a new program for careers in Arizona's budding marijuana industry.

The community college has launched the "Center for Cannabis Business Training," which will provide instruction for business owners and professionals of dispensaries.

"There will be more people working in the field, and consumers and I think that our plan is keeping track of what is needed in the industry," said Jeanne Ratliff, Director of Non-Credit Training Programs at Gateway Community College.

Courses that are being offered include "Budtender Training," "CBD Hemp Education Product Training," and "Cannabis 101." The school is also providing training for business owners of cannabis and CBD dispensaries.

"There is a lack of training in this space. We believe this training mitigates risk for businesses and have knowledgeable employees, and also for the public to find safe, trustworthy cannabis products," said Ratliff.

The courses are non-credit, and they cost $99 or less, lasting a total of six to nine hours. The goal is to make it easy and accessible for students who may want to learn the basics, or enhance their knowledge on the topic.

"Because there is no barrier to entry for this, if you are interested in learning more so you can feel educated about cannabis, hemp, and CBD products, it is a great way to get this for yourself," said Ratliff.

School says they are already gaining a lot of interest. Gateway has five campuses in Phoenix, and one in Avondale.

Cannabis Business Training at Gateway Community College