Gilbert family believes they're victims of a targeted home shooting caught on video

A Gilbert family wants answers after their house was shot several times, and whoever pulled the trigger, aimed the gun just inches from their teenage son's bedroom.

They believe their house was targeted.

Janice Nelson is still in shock as two bullet holes are left behind right where her 18-year-old son's bedroom is. She says Sunday, Dec. 5 around 8:30 p.m., she went upstairs with her 10-year-old son before hearing two loud bangs.

"And we just thought it was fireworks so we didn't really think of it, and then we looked out the window, my son and I, and we didn't see any smoke or anything," she said. What they heard was caught on a neighbor's security camera.

A car pulled up, someone got out and shot directly at the home. Then, the suspect gets in the car and drives out of the Mendocino Valley community.

"Honestly, I just don't understand why somebody would do this," Nelson said.

Usually a quiet neighborhood, now, Nelson's family is a bit on edge.

"Lots of hugs, lots of reassurance and telling them it's gonna be OK. We've got the police there and they're working on it," Nelson said.

The car seen in the footage is a dark, four-door sedan. It's unclear what the make or model is, or what the suspect looks like.

Nelson hopes someone knows more and provides the police with information.

"I had to force my children to go to school. I'm angry this happened and I know my neighbors are angry," she said. "It's not OK."

Anyone with information is asked to call Gilbert Police at 800-343-TIPS or 480-WITNESS, especially if you have footage near Recker and Ray roads from Sunday, Dec. 5 around 8:30 p.m.

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