Habitat for Humanity builds homes for female veterans on donated Phoenix property

In honor of Veterans Day, Habitat for Humanity in Phoenix is beginning the process of building new homes for veterans, specifically for women who have served our country.

The walls are going up for the homes in Phoenix, but first came the heartfelt messages written on each beam from volunteers and fellow veterans, all for the veterans who will soon call the homes their own.

"I wish blessings on this and all who live in these homes and that they will have peace, love and a wonderful life," said Stephanie Malone with the Arizona Sustainability Alliance.

The two homes are designated for veterans who are also survivors of sexual trauma in need of affordable housing.

"It is a wish come true and it is an amazing opportunity for our veterans, our female veterans, and their families," said Michelle Jameson, executive director U.S. Vets Phoenix. "It is a dream."

An anonymous donor gave the lot to Habitat for Humanity years ago with the hope it would be developed for veterans.

Veterans are a part of building these homes, too.

"I am very proud. I am very proud of it, having served 23 years, a veteran myself. And my wife is here, she served eight years. It feels good to give back," said Dave Elston, a volunteer.

Starting the project aligned in time for Veterans Day on Nov. 11, so it means a lot more for everyone helping develop the project to give back to the women who served our country.

"We have our female veterans who have served and now they have a safe place for themselves and their children to call home," Jameson said.

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