How Valley hospitals are preparing for coronavirus

The Coronaviruses are responsible for respiratory ailments and Gastro Enteritis. The virus responsible for Sars belongs to this family. (Photo By BSIP/UIG Via Getty Images)

Health experts say corona disease originated from China and anyone traveling from China to the United States could be at risk.

With one case of coronavirus being confirmed in Tempe, hospitals throughout the Valley, like Valleywise Health Medical Center, are preparing for any more possible threats.

"We are screening individuals that are coming in for respiratory symptoms, asking if they have traveled to one of these areas," Dr. Michael White said.

Symptoms that are very similar to the flu, like a runny or infected nose, sinuses or a sore upper throat.


"We have specialized rooms spread throughout the hospital that we're able to accommodate this within the emergency department," Dr. White said. "Then if somebody was ill enough that they might need to be admitted for continued care, then we have individual rooms within the hospital."

Those specialized rooms are securely ventilated with negative pressure to lock in any infection-prone to spread.

A safety plan is also in place for other patients, as well as the hospital's staff -- including medical face masks.

"We do contact precaution, so we'll make sure that we're not able to spread droplets and things within the rooms so that patients and staff are not exposed to it," Dr. White said.

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