Hundreds of thousands of sandbags have been deployed in Flagstaff amid ongoing flash flooding threats

Flooding dangers continue in Coconino County, with people living in Flagstaff bracing for more dangerous flooding in the area of the burn scar from the Museum Fire.

On July 21, areas downstream of the Museum Fire burn scar faced more flooding, as they received over an inch of rain this afternoon. July 21 is also the two-year anniversary of the fire.

City officials say they have been working nonstop since the first flood event last week

"This past week, we probably got more rain than we've gotten in the past two years," said Andy Bertelsen, Public Works Director for the City of Flagstaff.

Flagstaff is feeling the impact of flooding, especially in the Museum Fire burn scar area.

"The debris and discharge from that fire that occurred 2twoyears ago was discharged into our floodwater system and into the community below, and it's required a lot or cleanup from that point with vacs, road raiders, street cleaners," said Bertelsen.

Nertelsen says the past week has been a full community effort.

"We deployed almost 10,000 sandbags. Total in the last two periods, we had 650,000 sandbags out in the community to work to mitigate the damages caused by these floodwaters," said Bertelsen.

One team helping communities is the Arizona Conservation Corp.

"Right now, what our crews are doing is they are filling more sandbags, delivering more sandbags where they are needed, and just kinda help out wherever," said Arizona Conservation Corp Deputy Director Afton McKusick

McKusick says her team has been loading and unloading sandbags since May. For them, it's about helping out where they can.

"Working in past weeks, they have received a lot of thanks from the community, which always feels good and being thanked for all of the hard work," said McKusick.

Meanwhile, the National Guard has arrived, and will be deployed to the area on July 22.

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