Single mother staying at a shelter cannot find somewhere to rent in the Phoenix area

Millions are still struggling to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and some are turning to social media for housing help.

A Facebook post seen more often these days is someone desperately looking for an affordable place to call home.

Phoenix resident Chloe Porter is no exception.

"I think I reached a point of desperation. Really needing some help navigating, going place to place, getting no's," she said.

After losing her serving job during the pandemic, the single mother is staying at a shelter and the shelter doesn’t allow residents to have outside jobs.

She's saved enough money for first and last month's rent and deposits through her stimulus and unemployment checks.

What's making her search more difficult is that apartments require proof of employment from potential renters.

As for her Facebook post, Porter says despite some mean responses, most were very helpful.

"There were more people trying to help find solutions than there were saying nasty, rude things," Porter said.

Learn more about housing options from the Arizona Department of Housing

If you'd like to help Porter and her family, contact her at

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