It will cost you more: Flowers are more expensive this Valentine's Day due to shipping

Valentine's Day is coming up, but people will have to be prepared to spend more money this year.

Just like everything else, flower prices are up, and the owner of a flower shop in the Phoenix area says it has to do with supply, demand, and shipping prices.

Business still robust, florist says

The owner of Arizona Family Florist, Cheryl Denhal, says for them, business has actually been great amid the pandemic. She says it is the shipping increases that are driving this recent rise in price.

"The cost and demand, the shipping. It all starts down at the farm when they have increases," said Denhal. "They have to then, in turn, raise their prices when it goes to shippers, and to us, we have to increase the price to our consumers."

Florist worried people may be priced out of flowers

Denhal says for her, the concern is that if the pricing continues to increase, her regular customers will no longer be able to afford them.

"There's definitely going to be a cap on that, where the average consumer may not necessarily buy as frequently. Not for a peak holiday, but just for an everyday occasion," said Denhal.

Florist offers money-saving tip

Denhal says for those who are looking to save some money, especially during a peak holiday like Valentine's Day, they can schedule flowers to be delivered a day early, because really, the exact day shouldn't matter. It's all about showing someone that they're loved.

"You'd get a cost savings. You could get free delivery, and then that also helps with the flower shops as well, because Valentine's Day is a lot of pressure for local florists," said Denhal.

For those who want to go all out with flowers on Valentine's Day, they should get those orders in early, because local florists are expecting to be swamped.

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