Ivanka Trump hosts economic roundtable with Governor Ducey in Phoenix

Ivanka Trump made a stop Phoenix on Wednesday, Sept. 16 to host a roundtable on economic issues with Governor Doug Ducey, just days after her father, President Donald Trump, visited the state.

She then went with Republican Gov. Doug Ducey to a business roundtable event where she touted her father’s economic policies as creating growth in Arizona and across the nation.

The first daughter and advisor to President Donald Trump discussed "how President Trump has continued to fight for America’s working families, cut taxes across the board for hardworking Americans, and what he will do to continue fighting for the forgotten men and women in this country for the next four years."

Citing a revamped trade deal with Mexico and Canada, streamlined regulations and a booming economy she said voters need to remember her father’s policies set the stage for that growth.

“In January 2020 the economy was setting records on every single metric, often No. 1 in history,” Trump said. “Every single group was experiencing an incredible boom that was coming as a result of smart economic policy.”

And Trump said her father will deliver more economic growth if he is re-elected. “We have no doubt that it will soar to new heights once we put this pandemic behind us,” she said.

She also said more tax cuts are coming, if voters chose her father in November.

“The president has promised more tax cuts and he will deliver,” Trump said. “He delivered the largest tax cuts in 30 years within the first year of this administration and he’ll do it again and he’ll do it quickly if given four more years.”

This was Ivanka's first visit to Arizona since her father was elected president.

“I am honored to join my friend Governor Ducey in the beautiful state of Arizona to highlight the great work of the Trump administration over the last 3 ½ years." Ivanka Trump said in a statement.

At the roundtable, Trump said Arizona is a "success story" when it comes to the state's rebound efforts from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adding the paycheck protection program has gone a long way to keep small businesses afloat.

"Do we want the ability for our children to go to a great school of their choice? To have safe communities to respect our men and women in blue who are protecting those communities? To be proud of this country and all the potential that it stands for?" she asks.

Trump and Ducey also stopped by the "Latinos for Trump" office to thank them for their hard work to re-elect President Trump.

President Trump attended a Latinos for Trump roundtable in Phoenix on Sept. 14.

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