Arizona's governor race: Kari Lake still wants a debate, Hobbs is unwavering

In the race to become Arizona's next governor, Katie Hobbs was out talking to voters in Tempe on Sept. 20, and on the same day, Kari Lake held a Q&A event in Chandler.

Hobbs, the current Arizona Secretary of State, was talking to young voters at Arizona State on this national voter registration day.

In a crowd of reporters, she was asked why she didn’t want to get on stage for a formal debate with the Republican nominee, Lake.

"No one wants an opportunity to have a substantive conversation about the issues more than I do. To be able to contrast my position with her and show Arizonans how I would govern versus her lack of solutions and inability to govern. We all saw the spectacle she created in the GOP primary, and it’s clear that she’s not willing to engage in that conversation," Hobbs said.

She was asked about Lake’s tweet claiming she "wants to purge the pledge, anthem and constitution from our schools."

Hobbs said she had not seen the tweet. When she was read back a portion of the tweet, she said she had no idea what Lake was talking about.

Lake remarked about Hobbs' lack of wanting to debate her, saying, "The world is not an easy place. And if she can’t stand up and debate me, then she can’t stand up against the cartels, she can’t stand up against the forces that are working against the people of Arizona. She needs to show that she has the courage and get on that stage. And I want her to know that if she’s watching, Katie, I have asked the Clean Elections Committee to keep that deadline open until the second that debate starts. If you choose to find the courage to debate me, I’m happy to debate you."

At Lake's event, her campaign manager asked her questions about the border, education, and abortion, among many other topics. She also took questions from reporters at the end of the night.

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