Body of missing kayaker found at Lake Havasu after boat capsizes

Mohave County dive teams are searching for a missing man whose kayak capsized on Lake Havasu.

Dive and rescue crews in Mohave County have found the body of a missing kayaker after his boat capsized on Lake Havasu on Tuesday.

Sheriff's deputies had been called to Site 6 on the lake on Dec. 27 after people reported seeing a person in the water yelling for help.

First responders rescued a fatigued, cold man treading water. He told deputies that he had been kayaking with a family member when both of their boats capsized in the middle of the lake.

"He said that he was forced to start swimming to shore, but that they could not tell where shore was due to the darkness, rain, and wind," officials said in a statement.

The man had reportedly been in the water for around 30 minutes before he was rescued, and had not seen or heard from his family member.

Deputies found the body of his missing relative, identified as Holbrook resident Larry Lee Curtis, on Wednesday. The 55-year-old was found dead near Site 6.

Officials say neither of the men had worn life jackets, and wind, rain, and dangerous water conditions played a factor in the incident.

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